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 RealDeaPublication Policy and Guidelines




We welcome and value your participation in our RealDeal® Science Forum of Debates as we encourage diverse, singular viewpoints and ideas, as well as current prevailing views of the topics to be presented.

1. Whatever side you are on, the minority/singular side or the majority/prevailing side of a particular topic, to be considered here for publication, you must employ, exclusively in your writing, Rational Thinking and only Rational Thinking. You cannot mix the Rational with Irrational Thinking or Beliefs in your arguments, presentation, or point of view desired to be defended, articulated, or promoted. This is not a place for expressing beliefs, or expressing arguments in analogy to, or in conjunction with, Rational Thinking. You do not need to have a Ph.D. (although it certainly can be useful) for writing here, but you need to be true to yourself in not allowing Rational Thinking to be mixed with anything else. The "purity" of the Rational Thinking employed must be absolute.

2. Rational Thinking must, in addition, be associated with a meaning for the subject at hand. For instance, theories of Mathematics or Rational Philosophy are supreme examples of Rational Thinking employed at its highest attainable level. The beauty and splendor obtained by these learning fields of endeavor have elevated the Mind as no other field of learning and knowledge. Yet, if they are out of context and placed elsewhere with no rational justification, they lose the meaning and the sense of their existence, transforming them into meaningless entities. To incorporate and extrapolate theories and results from one field of learning into another, with no rational basis or foundation, is a dangerous undertaking which camouflages the lack of a rational understanding of the subject at hand. The result from such an integration, as expected, is disastrous, putting us into the domain of the Irrational. The theoretical results obtained in such a fashion are devoid of any meaning, and the "explanations" obtained from such an amalgam are, at best, expressed as analogies to other rationally understood phenomena, and, at worst, are expressed through a Language of the Absurd.

3. A third element needed for someone to publish here, is broad accessibility in its manner of presentation. Putting it simply, anything published here must be able to be understood by an educated, intelligent layperson who is not a "specialist" in the respective field whose subject is being discussed. In this respect, and only in this respect, the form of presentation will be similar to the one employed by the venerable and distinguished Encyclopædia Britannica. If a scientific subject is not capable to be expressed with our everyday language, then that subject either does not belong within the realm of Natural Sciences or Philosophy, or that the respective scientific subject lacks a rational basis and foundation for its existence.

4. Everything submitted for publication must be submitted in the English language, preferably at an academic level. No matter how deeply or profoundly you may disagree with a particular viewpoint expressed herein, we will enforce a strict code of civility, as no profanity, name-calling or any other form of vulgarism will ever be allowed to even be considered for publication. You need not bother writing to us if you cannot observe our stringent code of civility. As for the style, whenever possible or feasible, we shall adhere to The Chicago Manual of Style.

5. The preferred way of submitting your desired material for publication is putting your work on floppy disk(s) and together with one (1) hard copy -the manuscript, to mail them to:

Traffic Publication Manager
NatureQuest Publications, Inc.
Harvard Square Station
P.O. Box 381797
Cambridge, MA 02238-1797

However, before mailing your stated material, you need to obtain from us a Submission Authorization Code (SAC) number which you will get via email after you notify of us first, via email at of your intent to submit your work for publication. Only postal packages with a SAC Number on them will be acknowledged.

6. An author, upon request, can remain anonymous or have displayed the author's full credentials with a corresponding title, as desired. Should anonymity be requested, this will be observed and respected to the absolute extreme, as no circumstance can exist to override this request, and thus, there shall be no foreseeable circumstance or situation that will make us reveal an author's true identity without the author's written authorization. To an anonymous author, an ID code number will be assigned which will appear in lieu of the author's name in all references and published works.

7. All material published in our website becomes the property of NatureQuest Publications, Inc., and it is with this and only this understanding, that the author consents to publishing his/her work here. All applicable copyright protection laws, both of the United States and of existing International Treaties, shall be in effect here.

8. Because of the nature of this publication, that of a ferocious forum of debates, everything written here --with no exception-- shall be vigorously debated and challenged, and thus, if an author is sensitive to criticism, then this is not a place for such an author to be. At every single turn, an author whose work is being challenged or attacked shall have an opportunity and the priority to respond in kind. The civility of a debate however, should not be confused with the force and vehemence of a rebuttal.





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